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About Marios

Creative Stylist / Creative Colourist

Beginning his career in his homeland Greece by earning qualifications in fashion, Marios has a keen eye for style and trend whilst always aiming to make his clients feel comfortable, empowered and transformed. He has enjoyed an 8 year career in the industry, working in several salons and as an educator for GHD. Marios is a highly skilled hairstylist and colourist – winning first prize in a national hair competition. He takes great pride in the art of hair – both for women and men. One of Marios’ greatest qualities is his unique understanding of the human face – from threading brows to creating beautiful showstopping makeup for any event. His excellent communication skills help him to understand what each of his clients want to ensure they walk out of the door not only happy with the visual transformation, but the excellent service and experience Marios provides to every single person.

Salon: Vauxhall


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