Hello, fashionistas! It’s that time of year again when London’s green spaces turn into magnificent sites of music, art, and, most importantly, self-expression. With the sun warming our skin and the melodies resonating in our ears, what better way to embrace the festival season than to refresh our braid festival hairstyle game?

At Live True London, we’re all about staying authentic and ahead of the trends. So, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to festival braids, which are not just about managing those unruly tresses but making a statement and feeling fabulously you.

1. Boho Box Braids

A favourite that never goes out of style, boho box braids are both protective and fashion-forward. These intricate plaits combined with accessories like colourful beads or metal cuffs make for an arresting sight. As the festival grounds call for extended hours of dancing and hopping around, these braids, once done, require minimal maintenance.

2. The Dutch Braid Updo

A delightful upgrade to the classic dutch braid, this updo style is the perfect combination of practicality and glamour. Starting from the nape of your neck, braid your hair upwards towards the crown. This ensures your hair is off your face, letting you enjoy the festival’s activities unhindered while looking chic.

3. French Braid Pigtails

An ode to our childhood, but with an updated twist. The French braid pigtail style is perfect for those who prefer a more relaxed, girly look. You can loosen the braids for a ‘lived-in’ feel or add ribbons or glitter for extra charm.

4. Braided Crown

Fit for a festival queen, the braided crown is a stunningly elegant look that’s surprisingly easy to create. You can choose to plait one thick braid or multiple smaller ones, wrapping them around the head to form a ‘crown’. The style is versatile and can be made unique with flowers, feathers, or even tiny LED lights for a magical twilight aesthetic.

5. Fishtail Braids

A style that oozes effortless cool, fishtail braids are perfect for festival-goers who prefer a laid-back, bohemian look. These braids, which get their name from their resemblance to a fishtail, can be worn loose or tightened up for a sleeker look.

6. Rainbow Box Braids

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to make a vibrant statement, why not try rainbow box braids? These colourful strands are a bold choice that guarantees you stand out from the crowd. Plus, they beautifully embody the festival spirit.

7. Cornrow Braids

Eternally stylish and edgy, cornrow braids are not only stunning but also practical. They keep your hair neat and tidy while you revel in the festivities. For added festival flair, weave in some metallic threads or sprinkle some glitter along the partings.

So, there you have it – a quick run-through of the top braid festival hairstyles dominating the scene this year. Remember, whichever style you choose, it’s all about personalising it to reflect your individual style. And don’t forget to enjoy the process; after all, it’s part of the festival experience.

Let your hair down, or rather up in a braid, as you groove to the rhythm of the music and feel the pulsating energy of the festival in the heart of London. Celebrate this beautiful season of art and togetherness, all while looking unapologetically stylish. Need something to truly elevate your braid festival hairstyles? Check out the leading hair care products that the LTL Shop has to offer.

Stay true, and as always, stay fabulous.

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