Ombre is the gradual lightening of the hair strand, from a darker to a lighter colour – with the ends of the hair being the lightest! It is a popular hair colour trend which has developed into Reverse Ombre, a lighter hair colour transitioning into darker roots, and Sombre, a softer subtler Ombre.

Go for this look to light up your face, or raise eyebrows with a bolder lighter look.


Ombre means ‘shadow’ in French. It is a hair technique where the colour is darker at the roots through to the mid-lengths of the hair and gets lighter towards the ends. It can be a soft or bolder transition of colour from root to tip – your choice!

Gone are the days that hair colour is one-dimensional. This is a hair trend that has shown no signs of slowing down since it appeared on the scene. It has subsequently evolved into new colour techniques such as Reverse Ombre, Sombre and Balayage.

This is a colour technique for someone who wants to experiment with her hair colour, who is looking for something bolder and more striking. It is a more noticeable look as opposed to Balayage (read our blog post on Balayage versus Ombre) and involves more maintenance as it grows out.

It can be compared to colour blocking, as your stylist will transition from one shade to another. It is essential that your stylist gets your Ombre correct so that you don’t have any distinctive lines – a dip-dye you didn’t intend for. It is a more natural look than a dramatic dip-dye, as it looks as though your glossy and golden summer lightened ends have grown out!

Finish off your look and add definition and movement to your colour with a sleek or bouncy blow dry.


Ombre offers endless options for hair colour devotees. It is a popular hair technique that offers our clients variations in complimentary or contrasting colour options.

For those who enjoy vivid hair colour shades, transition from black to plum, dark brown to green or why not try tones of oceanic blue?

Vivid hair ombre at Live True Hair Salon Brixton

If you want to experiment with this look, but don’t want to commit to permanently changing your hair colour, we suggest adding in dyed hair extensions to add that playful look.


The colour transitions from dark to light with Ombre, and from light on the top to dark at the roots for a Reverse Ombre. Not as popular as Ombre, Reverse Ombre can look more dramatic and unnatural to its counterpart. We suggest transitioning to softer darker tones at the roots to achieve a more natural look – if you aren’t aiming for bright and daring of course!

As its name suggests, Sombre is Ombre but softer. It is Ombre but appears as a grown-out summer colour. It a subtle hair colour change, but it still makes a difference and gives you that softer summer sun-kissed look.

Blonde ombre  by Orlando at Live True Hair Salon Clapham


If you want to experiment with different shades, Ombre is the colour technique for you. It allows you to combine shades when you can’t decide on just one! Go from a deep brown to a vibrant blonde, a chocolate brown to an icy blonde, a warm blonde to pastel pink hair, or lighten the ends of your long blonde bob to add definition and movement.

It is a colour trend that allows you to make bold and striking statements with your hair as your deep and dark roots transition to pastel or vibrant shades.


It is essential to take care of your colour treated hair. As an Ombre hair service involves bleach, we suggest all our clients have Olaplex added to their colour service. Olaplex helps create stronger, healthier, shinier hair while allowing your colour to last longer. It is added before, during and after a colour service to nourish and strengthen your tresses. It can also be applied as an Olaplex standalone and take-home treatment. Ensure you use colour protecting shampoo and conditioner and apply a weekly deep conditioning mask to ensure your locks look and feel healthy. We love Redken All Soft and Colour extend masks


Pop into a Live True London Hair Salon and have a consultation with one of our talented stylists to discuss how ombre will work for you.