Since the balayage arrived in the UK, the highlights have been sulked a little, many magazines only speak about the same trend and it seems there is no more space for our old-time favourite highlights.

Highlights have a more classical way to them; stylists have been weaving heads for a very long time and there is a reason to that.

The foils can create an extra lift to the hair. The lightening product needs some heat to lift better, and the foil gives it just that. That means that even for clients having a natural base that is very dark, we can reach exceptionally light blondes.

The application of the foil allows an even lift throughout the hair as well as the possibility to reach the roots. This is also why clients with highlights have a fuller all over blonde that looks like the hair grows out already blonde.

The weaves can be adjusted to the client’s hair. We can create some dimension by adjusting the weaves when creating the highlights. We now have the babylights that are part of the highlights family however those created by smaller weaves will have a softer overall result.

The lightness of the colour allows more freedom to choose the toner. Many colours such as baby pink, baby blue, icy, pearl or vanilla to name a few will need a base almost white to sit perfectly on. If the colour stays orange or yellow, it will be impossible to proceed with those. Highlights are then the perfect technique to have here.

Highlights can also be multi-tonal! If you feel that you are too blonde, ask your stylist to break up the colour by adding different tones to it. You can use some darker colours or just changing the tone around the same palette. Using a high-lift colour can also be a solution for those who like gentle dimensions.


We recommend that all clients who colour treat their hair include Olaplex in their colour service.

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Pop into a Live True London Hair Salon and have a consultation with one of our talented stylists to discuss how balayage will work for you.