Balayage means to ‘sweep’ in French! It is a free-hand hair colour technique which creates natural looking highlights with less noticeable regrowth lines and is the most in-demand colour request by Live True London Hair Salon clients.

Highlighting with foils entails the highlights being strategically placed across the top of the head and around the face. For our clients who seek the more natural hair colour look that a holiday in the sun provides, we suggest Balayage.


Balayage involves painting the colour onto the hair free-hand, creating a natural and well-blended colour. It creates a soft, sun-kissed look which adds movement and dimensions to your locks.

These natural highlights are a few shades lighter than the actual tone of your hair colour, and effortlessly transition from root to tip without that streaky, saturated look – giving you those subtle beach tones you dream of. It is a modern technique, which allows you to create a bespoke colour suited to you!

Want to experiment with balayage and introduce colour to your hair? Balayage works on both dark and light hair. Whether you want to colour your hair for the first time or add tones to an existing colour, your stylist can create a bespoke colour for you, whether it is subtle or striking, and apply it in a way that looks natural to frame your face and brighten your features.

This popular technique is all about being grown out and slightly unkept. It is a low maintenance look that won’t leave you rushing back to the salon chair to touch up every month. It is perfect for those who can’t come into the salon regularly to maintain their colour, but still want to have colour in their hair. It grows out gracefully and, because the shades are closer to your natural colour, it will lighten naturally over time.


Undoubtedly, balayage works on all hair lengths, however, the colour is effective and best suited to those with medium to long hair.

Want to create the illusion of thicker hair? Balayage helps to create the effect that your hair is thicker at the bottom, as highlights are applied thin to thick by your stylist and their ‘paint’ brush, giving your hair dimension.

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“I couldn't be happier with my cut and colour I had with Szindy! I went in for my usual highlights and a trim (never wanting to opt away from what I'm used to) and left with a French Balayage and a few inches off my hair to make it healthier and I couldn't love it anymore! I think I've found my new hairdresser!” - Katie, Clapham North client


Keep in mind that Balayage isn’t just for that golden summer look. Use this colour technique to create dreamy vivid hair colour looks. You can opt for bold red tones or dreamy pastel hues with this popular technique.


Your hairdresser will section your hair and apply the colour they have mixed onto the surface of your hair using a brush. This is done free hand. The colour will be applied generously in the mid to end lengths of your hair, as this technique transitions the colour from root to tip!

This free-hand application ensures these ‘natural highlights’ look streak free and not purposefully placed, as foils are not used in this service as they are in a highlights service! The processing time will last for 40 minutes or longer depending on your hair type and the tone you would like to achieve, after which the hair is rinsed and a toner is applied to achieve your desired colour.


Don’t hesitate! Balayage is the perfect hair technique to introduce colour into your tresses. It is a great way to experiment with colour, starting off soft and subtle! At your next appointment, you can go darker or lighter with the colour for a softer or more dramatic effect.

It is ideal for those with medium to long hair, and works wonders in covering grey hairs without applying a full head of colour.

“Beautiful salon with friendly, knowledgeable staff. I was very impressed with the results of the balayage - the best colour service I have ever had!” - Melissa, Battersea client


It is important to treat coloured hair to ensure your colour remains vibrant and lasts for longer. Ensure you use colour protecting shampoo and conditioner. We recommend Redken Colour Extend Shampoo and Redken Colour Extend Conditioner to protect against hair colour fading. It is also essential to use heat protectant products to avoid damaging your hair and stripping it of its colour, we love Redken Argan-6 oil.

Our stylists recommend Olaplex with any hair colour service. Olaplex is a bond multiplier that goes into the hair internally to link broken bonds as a result of colour, bleaching, flat irons and curlers etc. Have this added before, during and after your colour service to nourish and strengthen your hair from the inside out.

Learn more about taking care of your colour treated hair.


Had a bad colour experience or your regrowth needs to be attended to? Have one of your talented stylists colour correct and transform your hair with Balayage.


Pop into a Live True London Hair Salon and have a consultation with one of our talented stylists to discuss how balayage will work for you.

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