Hairstyles for Men with Hair Loss

Hairstyles for Men with Hair Loss

Hairstyles for Men with Hair Loss

50% of males will experience some degree of hair loss by the time they are 50 years old. For some, it is a condition that starts years before, even in their late teens.
Whether it’s a thinning hair line or more dramatic hair loss including bald patches, it is a condition mostly out of your control and determined by your genes.
A condition that effects millions of men world-wide, it is a difficult for many to accept the loss of their more youthful locks. So how do you managing your hair loss?
The market is filled with remedies, products and quick fixes promising fuller, thicker more youthful locks. Without being able to turn back the clock, one can be overwhelmed by the options on offer.
For those who are determined to fight their hair loss, there is diet, medication, laser therapy and hair replacement surgery. For those who are accepting of the change and want to manage their hair loss without spending excessively, we have compiled a list of hairstyles that will disguise your hair loss and leave you feeling more confident!


The buzz cut is a low maintenance look that works well for balding men as it is a close cut in which you can’t see the hair. It is the perfect look for those men who are dealing with larger balding spots.
It is a low maintenance look, but we suggest you still take care of your scalp with a nourishing shampoo and keep the skin on your head cared for with an enriching oil.


If a close buzz cut isn’t up your alley, ask your hair stylist for a short crop! A short and close cut, a finger length and shorter.
This cut will allow you to create volume in the hair masking your hair loss, leaving you feeling more confident. Style this look with Redken Rough Paste to provide a ragged, moveable texture with flexible control.



Is your hair starting to thin? Cutting the top of your hair in layers, without going super short, allows you to create texture in the hair that when styled, it looks tousled and shaggy on top concealing your thinning hair!
Ask your stylist for uneven layers and let the disguising begin! Style at home by running a pea sized amount of paste through the ends of your hair. Remember too much product will make your hair clump and reveal more of your scalp and thinning hair.



This look involves a short back and sides which is stylishly blended into a high top. The trick to this look is that the blend starts at the point of thinning to conceal any hair loss! A similar look to a classic military cut, this style is trendy and a great way to disguise hair loss and create an illusion of more hair on top.



If your hair is longer in length but starting to thin, we suggest a mop on top to create a messy fuller look. Have your stylist cut this look and style it at home by gently blow drying your locks – adding Redken Velvet Gelatine to infuse your blow dry with body and bouncy creating your desired look.



Growing facial hair directs attention away from the fact that you are bald or balding! From Moustaches to goatees, experiment with different looks to see what suits you best and makes you feel more comfortable.
If you are unsure what look would work best for you and your hair loss, pop into one our hair salons for a complimentary consultation with a stylist on what look best suits you, your hair loss and your lifestyle.

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