Brunette Balayage Brixton – Why We Love It

Balayage is our most popular colour technique, and it’s not hard to see why. It offers the ability to create a truly customisable finish, with a wide range of both natural and fashion colours to choose from. Of all the choices to go for however, the brunette balayage stands out as being one of Brixton‘s favourites! The brunette balayage adds richness, glossiness and movement to your gorgeous naturally dark hair, while staying lower maintenance than other colouring techniques. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite shades and why we love them!
Hazelnut Balayage

Hazelnut Balayage by Abbie

Hazelnut tones are one of our most popular choices for Brixton brunettes. Warm, nutty tones blended with darker brunette hair creates gorgeous dimension, shine and glow.
Bronde Balayage

Bronde Balayage by Diogo

The brunette to blonde balayage is a gorgeous choice for brunettes looking to lighten their hair for the summer months without the high maintenance. We love this balance between light and dark!
Chocolate Melt

Brunette Balayage Brixton by Renata

One of our most popular techniques for brunettes is the chocolate melt – bringing out the natural tones in your hair to create this rich, chocolatey look.
Copper & Auburn Balayage

Copper Balayage by Bea

The copper trend is going nowhere, but it’s not just for our light haired beauties! We love a deep cinnamon or auburn look on brunette hair.
Caramel Balayage

Golden Caramel Balayage by Diogo

Classic caramel is a popular choice for lighter brunettes – and we can see why. These delicious caramel tones give medium to light brown hair gorgeous dimension and texture.
Steel Brunette
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Silvery steel brunette balayage by Paco

A great choice for cool-toned lovers, these silvery-steel tones give your brunette hair a super cool, edgy look.
Toffee Balayage

Toffee balayage by Diogo

Another brunette classic, we just love this warm toned natural look. A great option for brunettes looking to lighten and warm up their locks, as well as add a sun-kissed glow.
At Live True London Brixton we have perfected our technique to accommodate any need, with hundreds of options to choose from. Come and visit us today to see how we can transform your look and make your hair feel brand new!
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