LVL Eyelashes – Everything Your Lashes Need Now!

LVL Eyelashes – Everything Your Lashes Need Now!

LVL Eyelashes – Everything Your Lashes Need Now!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]LVL Lashes – What is it?
LVL stands for Length, Volume and Lift, with a simple concept: a therapist uses a serum to straighten your natural lashes at the root- making them look more curled up naturally, without the need for extensions! The therapist will then tint your lashes, creating the appearance of longer, darker lashes! There are so many reasons that this new revolution in eye enhancement treatments should become part of your essential beauty routine, but here are the ones you need to know;
1. Time Saving
While eyelash extensions suit some clients, we know not all clients can spare the average 90 minutes every 3 weeks for lash infills. LVL treatments last 6-8 weeks with a treatment time of only 45 minutes, meaning this is a easily a quick treatment that could fit into any lunchtime!
2. No adhesives, no extensions, no mascara!
Less potential irritants for sensitive eyes as no adhesives or false lashes will be near your eye to accidentally rub. You might even find that you throw away your mascara for good, such are the fantastic and bold results. No more mascara “panda-eyes”!
3. Easy maintenance
We’ve all had that “almost infill-time”  between extension service lash disaster where we’ve accidentally used oil or some lash extensions have fallen out leaving unsightly gaps. With LVL Lashes your between-service look is always neat, consistent and impactful- without a need for an appointment to fix and in-between mishaps!
4. Painless
The service is completely painless and any irritation post patch test must be reported to your therapist immediately.
5. Kinder to Lashes
LVL does not require a removal process like eyelash extensions and could definitely be considered kinder to your eyes and a fantastic option for those of us that cannot take the irritation of application, maintenance and removal of eyelash extensions. It gives options to those who though they couldn’t have that full volume look and LVL only needs to be “topped-up” on a much less frequent basis.
6. Kinder on your pocket
With LVL treatments lasting double the time of eyelash extensions and costing up to 30% less – it’s easy to see that this is a more economical beauty service that you will find it hard to believe you’ve lived without.
7. Noveau treat your lashes
At Live True London we use the amazing Nouveau brand for LVL which aims all it’s products to condition your lashes as much as possible.
LVL is celebrated by celebrities and beauty bloggers alike as having, “unbelievable results that must be seen to be believed!”
Want to try if for yourself? Book it with our expert lash technicians at Live True London Vauxhall today by clicking here or calling 020 7582 6312.
LVL treatment costs £48 and requires a £10 deposit at the time of booking.
Not sure if LVL Lashes would suit you or you would like more information on the service? Why not book a complementary consultation today!
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