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Buttercream Blonde In the diverse palette of blonde hair shades, a new, delectably named trend has entered the scene: Buttercream Blonde. This creamy, warm-toned blonde, reminiscent of the rich frosting on a classic cake, is gaining popularity for its understated elegance and versatility. This blonde colour offers a softer alternative to the traditional platinum and […]


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Scandi Hairline Trend In the world of hair fashion, a new trend has appeared – the Scandi Hairline trend. Known for its natural, understated beauty, this trend is fast becoming a favourite for those seeking a subtle yet impactful hair transformation. The Scandi Hairline is all about enhancing the hair’s natural tones with delicate, sun-kissed […]


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Botox For Your Hair Recently, hair salons have witnessed the rise of a treatment that’s creating interest and curiosity – Botox for hair. This innovative concept, distinct from the Botox used in cosmetic procedures, is revolutionising the way we approach haircare. As more people seek solutions beyond traditional hair treatments, Botox for hair emerges as […]