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Natural Gloss In the quest for hair that not only looks healthy but genuinely radiates vitality, more individuals are turning towards treatments that promise a natural gloss finish. At Live True London, a leading salon, the Natural Gloss Hair treatment has become a popular choice for clients seeking to enhance the innate beauty of their […]


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Keratin For Extensions In the glamorous world of hair extensions, maintaining a natural, healthy look is key. At Live True London, a standout salon, stylists are turning to keratin treatments not just for natural hair but also to enhance the quality and durability of hair extensions. Here’s a closer look at how this treatment can […]


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Ribbon Lights In the dynamic world of hair colouring, a new trend often lights the way to innovative styling, and the latest to capture the attention of fashion-forward individuals is the “Ribbon Lights” technique. This subtle yet impactful approach to highlighting brings a soft, multi-dimensional look to your hair, creating a shimmering effect that’s as […]


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Highlights In Layered Hair The dynamic world of hair styling is constantly evolving, and among the range of techniques that have captivated our attention, the combination of highlights with layered hair stands out as a clear winner. This style not only adds depth and dimension to your look but also accentuates the movement and texture […]


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Cherry Cola Hair In the ever-evolving world of beauty and fashion, a new hair colour trend has bubbled up to the surface, promising to infuse our hair with as much vibrancy and personality as the beloved beverage it’s named after. Meet Cherry-Cola hair, the tantalising trend that’s capturing hearts and turning heads as we speak. […]


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Keratin Blow Dry For those looking to tame unruly hair and achieve sleek, manageable locks, the Keratin Blow Dry at Live True London offers a game-changing solution. Known for their dedication to exceptional hair care and styling, Live True London has perfected the art of the Keratin Blow Dry, providing clients with not just smoother […]


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Our Favourite Haircuts Nine Elms Salon Live True London, nestled in the rapidly transforming area of Nine Elms, stands out as a contemporary hair styling salon. Known for its expert stylists and innovative approaches, this salon has become a favourite for those seeking a fresh look tailored to their personality and lifestyle. Here, we delve […]