Sustainability and Giving Back

Sustainability and Giving Back


At Live True London, we are proud to be an independent family business. We understand the importance of giving back, respecting our environment and contributing positively to our community.

Sustainability – The Green Option

Renewable energy

When choosing an energy provider, we picked a supplier that uses 100% renewable energy in order to reduce our carbon footprint.


At Live True London, we have set up a recycling programme to minimise the amount of waste that is sent to landfills.

Digital Magazines

We have made the decision to move our magazines to digital form to reduce the amount of paper waste produced in our salons.

Encouraging Paperless Documentation

As far as possible, our salons and head office team work paperless. We aim to reduce our printing activity and instead share documents digitally wherever possible.

Working From Home For Head Office

Whilst it’s not possible for our salon teams to work from home, our head office team has been encouraged to do some flexible working each week. This has a direct impact on the environment as the travel carbon footprint is reduced.

Filtered water

We provide filtered water dispensers in all of our salons so that clients and our team can always enjoy fresh water. This also encourages our team to use reusable water bottles and to refill them every time they need water.

Reducing e-waste

Businesses and offices use a lot of electronic equipment such as computers and phones, and this is the case for our business. We make sure that we dispose of all electronic equipment by using a special waste collection that disposes of e-waste safely instead of putting this into normal refuse. Where possible, we recycle all company mobile phones so they may be refurbished for later use.

Community Efforts

Cutting Hair for Homeless

We support GreenLight Medics and specifically their Hair4Homeless program. Many of our stylists and also contractors take the opportunity to refine their skills and offer a kind touch to homeless people by cutting their hair out of their goodwill.

The program sees a group of stylists paired with medics to deliver free haircut on specific days and at different locations across London. Creating good hair for people in need is also touching their emotional self. Listening to them, a haircut and most importantly a smile can change how the day is perceived for someone.

We want to make sure that people are ready for their next step in life, some are going for job interviews that could change their life completely. Having a fresh cut changes the way people are perceived and it also boosts confidence.

Creating Opportunities and Mentoring

We have been involved with Wandsworth Council in their youth development program. To inspire young people in creating a career for themselves we have participated in work placement as well as giving talks in classrooms. Our partnership with them allowed us to be awarded for the help provided to these teenagers in need to meet their full potentials.

We are also proud to be part of the Government’s Kickstarter programme which helps long term unemployed gain essential employment skills.