2024 Colour Predictions

From earthy mushroom browns to pearlescent whites, expert hair stylists and colourists at Live True London have revealed the salon’s much-anticipated colour forecast to see us into a new season…

Pearlescent Whites

Whilst warm-toned shades like honey and caramel are traditional Autumn/Winter favourites, the start of 2024 will see the emergency of cooler blonde tones. Specifically – Pearlescent White.

Senior colourist, Stéphane Ferraira advises, “To achieve this look, we paint bleach all over to lift the colour to a bright blonde and make the hair one shade. Depending on the condition of your hair, it may not be achievable in one sitting. As this is an extremely bright shade, you may even need 2-3 sessions to achieve the perfect tone.”

He continues, “Ask your stylist for an icy platinum colour all over and be sure to bring reference images. Your stylist will advise you on the process but be prepared that it could take a long time to reach the desired level of brightness and will also be a commitment to maintain. Rather than a block shade, it’s also an option to create this look with highlights, bringing in a bit more dimension.”

Apricot Copper

The perfect transitional look for spring, tangy copper shades are on the rise. Think apricot, peach, and strawberry, offering a hint of copper with a lighter red shade.

Stéphane advises, “Apricot copper can be worn as a balayage, highlights or all over colour.” He adds, “The bleached parts of your hair can take on a vivid colour to get this ultra-bright and juicy shade. Or, opt for a balayage which is easier to maintain, and simply visit the salon to upkeep your colour as and when you’d like a refresh. This look is relatively easy to create as hair tends to naturally warm up when lifted, meaning you needn’t treat the hair as much to get the perfect hue.”

Vibrant Capri Blues

For those wanting to make a bold statement heading into the new year, look no further than vibrant Capri blue! Seen at New York Fashion Week and on the streets, the Pantone Fashion Colour Trend Report* predicts this bold and blue hue is set to be huge for 2024.

Stéphane explains, “Capri blue can be achieved either by applying an all over bleach, or highlights. Your stylist will first lift you hair and follow by applying the vivid colour. It’s important to share reference images to ensure your stylist can achieve the exact tone desired.”

“Capri blue will be easiest to achieve for those who already have light hair, because the darker it is, the more it will have to be lifted first to achieve the brighter tone. This lifting process can sometimes result in a warmer shade, so a colour correction can be required which does involve a longer process. Blue shades like this will stay in the hair for a lot longer but are still high maintenance.”

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Streaky Strands

Continuing the theme of bold colours, make way for money piece highlights – but not as we know them! Face framing highlights have held their position as a firm favourite this year, but in 2024 we’ll be seeing an edgier take on the look, with chunky streaks of bright white-blonde placed randomly throughout the rest of the hair. “This look works best when placed against the stark contrast of dark hair.” advises Stéphane.

Mushroom Brown

For those that prefer a low-maintenance approach, this one’s for you. Live True London predicts that 2024 colour predictions that will see the resurgence of cool-toned earthy brunette shades, as we shun polished colours and embrace more natural shades with minimal upkeep. Stéphane says, “For the perfect mushroom brown, ask your stylist for a cool toned brown that’s earthy and sits closely to your natural root colour with your balayage or highlights.”

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