5 Cutest Beach Hairstyles Of 2023

The sun is beaming, the waves are crashing, and beach season is in full swing. While enjoying the sand between your toes and the warm ocean breeze, looking chic and staying comfortable are at the top of the agenda. From laid-back waves to adorable updos, here are the 5 cutest beach hairstyles of 2023 to keep you looking cool by the seaside.

1. Mermaid Waves

Making waves in 2023, Mermaid Waves remain a beach favourite. This style features loose, tousled waves that mimic the ocean’s rhythm, offering an effortlessly chic and slightly bohemian look. Achieve this style with braiding techniques or a curling wand, and don’t forget a spritz of sea salt spray for that authentic beachy texture.

2. The Low Messy Bun

Perfect for a hot beach day, the low messy bun keeps your hair off your neck while maintaining a fashionable, laid-back vibe. Simply gather your hair at the nape of your neck, twist it into a bun, and secure with a hair tie or chic scarf. Allow a few strands to escape for a carefree and breezy look.

3. Space Buns with Scarf

A playful take on the classic space buns, this style sees your hair divided into two sections, twisted into buns and secured atop your head. Amp up this look by adding a colourful scarf or bandana, weaving it into your buns for an extra splash of colour and personality. This hairstyle is not only adorable but also practical, keeping your hair secure as you enjoy your beach activities.

4. Beachy Braids

From classic French braids to the more intricate fishtail, braids are a beach hair staple in 2023. They help manage hair in the sea breeze, keep you cool, and add a touch of whimsical charm to your beach ensemble. Plus, when you undo your braids, you’ll have instant mermaid waves for your post-beach evening out.

5. Half-up, Half-down with Accessories

The half-up, half-down hairstyle strikes the perfect balance between keeping your hair out of your face and showing off your gorgeous beach waves. Achieve this style by pulling the top half of your hair back and securing it with a hair tie or clip. To truly shine in 2023, adorn your half-up, half-down style with trendy accessories such as pearl hair clips or shell-decorated hair ties for that added touch of beach glamour.

Final Musings

Whether you’re planning on surfing the waves, lounging in the sun, or dancing by the beach bonfire, these beach hairstyles of 2023 combine comfort, practicality, and style. Remember, the beach is a place for relaxation and fun. So, choose a hairstyle that not only makes you feel cute and chic but also lets you enjoy your beach time to the fullest. And don’t forget, no beach hairstyle is complete without a healthy dose of SPF!

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