Autumn Hair Trends 2023

From sultry chocolate undertones to vibrant copper splashes, as the leaves turn and we wrap up warmer, so too does our hair reflect the changing season. Here’s our lowdown on the hottest Autumn hair trends 2023 and how to get them.

  1.  Biggest Colour Trends For Autumn 2023?

Cocoa Lights

Cocoa lights are warm, cocoa coloured highlights that perfectly suit medium-to-dark brown hair. They’re created by taking the natural hair colour just a few shades lighter and warmer in strategic places, the result being a subtle cocoa-dusting of multi-tonal shades. This look is dimensional, low maintenance and perfect for autumn.

Ask your stylist for subtle and warm tones that don’t stray too far from your natural shade, and be sure to bring reference pictures to help them nail your desired shade.





Washed Blonde

For those looking for a cooler, high-impact shade this Autumn, washed blonde is your answer. It’s a desaturated, ashy and cool blonde shade, perfect for making a statement. This look works best as highlights or a high contrast balayage, and despite its name, it can be high maintenance. Load up on colour-balancing shampoos, like FUL’s Colour Care Shampoo, and don’t forget to rebook for a toner refresh.

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This is achieved by bleaching the hair to a very high lift which might not be achievable in one session. Your stylist will then tone your hair to a gorgeous creamy blonde by neutralising any natural yellows. We recommend protecting your hair by adding Olaplex or a similar bond-building treatment to your session.





Deep Copper Or Fox Red

We usually see the rise of copper colours every Autumn, and this year we expect no different. Instead of bright tones and more yellow-based shades, we’re expecting the colour of the moment to lean deeper and more red than before, the result being these beautiful shades reminiscent of autumn leaves.

This is achieved by balayaging or highlighting the hair as desired, and then toning the hair to the desired shade. Be sure to bring reference pictures to help them nail your desired shade.





Bamboo Blonde

Bamboo blonde is the next hair colour look for our blonde babes looking for a more subdued and natural tone leading into the fall. Think golden-beige tones, multidimensional shades, and a seamless blend. This look is reminiscent of the tweed blonde trend of last year, although this look is distinctly more natural, more beige and can be adjusted for both blondes and light-medium brown hair.

Your stylist will achieve this look by either balayaging or highlighting your hair, and then using different toners to achieve that multi-tonal look. Be sure to bring reference pictures to help them nail your desired shade.





  1. Biggest Style/Haircut Trends For Autumn 2023?

Ultra Long Hair

The bob has been reigning supreme for the past couple of years, but we’re already seeing an upswing in clients wanting to grow out their hair and go as long as possible. This is usually paired with a few long layers to maintain some shape and movement. We expect to see waist-length hair, mermaid tresses and ultra long ponytails take over as we head towards winter.

Although it sounds counterintuitive, the best way to help your hair grow is by getting regular cuts. This is because leaving your hair too long in between cuts will result in breakage, split ends and hair damage, no matter how healthy your hair is. By getting regular trims every 6-8 weeks, you can keep your hair healthy and tidy, encouraging growth.





Side Part

We’re already seeing a return of the side parting in the salon, and we expect this to be a trend for the Autumn season. Whether a sleek side-swept look that oozes Hollywood glamour or something with plenty of volume, we can’t wait to see what kind of styles this look will inspire.

  1. A Glimpse Of What’s To Come

We’re seeing a lot of blonde clients looking to go creamier and more neutral, which we expect to see as we move away from summer. We’ve also had a lot more clients asking for more adventurous cuts – whether this is more layering, fringes or short bobs, we’re seeing a big decrease in blunt cuts or more traditional layers.

  1. Celebrity Inspirations For Autumn 2023

Billie Eilish’s new root-pop

Hailey Bieber’s ultra subtle money piece and blunt bob

Emily Ratajowski’s fox red

Sydney Sweeney’s ultra glossy hair

  1. Treatments In Demand

With the weather already in autumn-mode, we’re seeing requests for frizz-banishing treatments and treatments to increase colour longevity, such as FUL Intense Moisture Treatment and Kerastase Fusio Dose.

In conclusion, when thinking about Autumn hair trends 2023, remember that this Autumn is all about embracing your true self, with a touch of colour magic and a splash of style. If you’re ready to turn heads, then go ahead and book that salon appointment at Live True London, and let your locks tell your story this season. Happy styling!

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