Deep Copper & Fox Red

As the world of hair colour constantly shifts and turns, every so often, a trend emerges that is so captivating, it’s impossible to ignore. This season, we’re embracing the fiery embrace of Deep Copper & Fox Red hues. It’s a striking blend of passion, warmth, and autumnal beauty. Let’s explore these scorching shades that are setting the hair world on fire.

Deep Copper vs. Fox Red: What’s the Difference?

At first glance, both these shades might appear similar, but they each have their unique essence:

  • Deep Copper: Think of a copper penny gleaming under a warm sunset. It’s rich, deep, and has a metallic warmth to it. Perfect for those who want a hint of fiery radiance without diving into the blazing red territory.
  • Fox Red: Just like the captivating fur of a red fox, this shade is a bolder, brighter red. It’s playful, vibrant, and unapologetically intense.

Why the Sudden Surge in Popularity?

  • Autumnal Resonance: As leaves transform into a myriad of reds, oranges, and golds, Deep Copper & Fox Red hues resonate beautifully with the season, making them the perfect autumnal transition colours.
  • Stand Out: In a sea of blondes and brunettes, these vibrant shades ensure you stand out, making a bold style statement.
  • Versatility: Whether it’s a full head of Fox Red or strategically placed Deep Copper highlights, there’s a range of possibilities to suit every individual’s preference.

Achieving the Fiery Look

Ready to transform into a fiery goddess? Here’s a brief guide:

  • Initial Colour Lift: Depending on your current hair colour, you might need a colour lift to ensure the reds shine through vibrantly.
  • Balayage or Highlights: Decide whether you want an all-over shade or prefer the subtlety of highlights. Balayaging, in particular, can give a natural sun-kissed red effect.
  • Maintenance: Reds can fade over time, so invest in colour-protecting products, like the FUL Colour Care Shampoo and the FUL Colour Care Conditioner, and consider a semi-permanent rinse between salon visits to maintain the vibrancy.

Who’s It For?

Deep Copper complements warmer skin tones beautifully, while Fox Red can pop on cooler skin tones. However, with the right adjustments and combinations, both shades can be tailored to suit most complexions. Consult with a stylist to find your perfect shade.

In Conclusion

These shades aren’t just hair colours; they’re a mood, an attitude, a statement. They encapsulate the spirit of autumn and the fiery passion within us all. As the season shifts and you’re looking for a change that reflects the world around you, consider the warm embrace of these fiery hues. After all, why merely observe the beauty of autumn when you can wear it? Embrace the blaze!

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