Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Gone are the days of struggling to apply fake eyelashes or using your eyelash curler and mascara to achieve thicker, longer or curlier lashes! Eyelash extensions have become a staple beauty service for a lot of women.  We can create beautiful, thick eyelashes suitable for any occasion or for everyday wear.


Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent way to lengthen and thicken your eyelashes. They are made to look like natural lashes and are applied individually to your natural lashes, as opposed to fake eyelashes which are applied in a strip on the upper eyelid.
The result is thicker, longer and more dramatic eyelashes without the need to use mascara.


Before the eyelash extensions are applied, you choose the look you are after – natural or dramatic. The technician will help you choose the length of lashes needed to achieve your desired look.
Once you select your desired look and length, each eyelash is applied by your beauty technician one at a time using a semi-permanent glue, that is specially formulated to not irritate your eyes or cause any damage to your natural lashes.
Once applied, your eyelash extensions will look like your natural lashes, just longer and fuller.
The length of time your eyelash extensions remain attached to your natural lashes is dependent on your after-care of them. Most women feel that they need to get infills to “fill out” their lost extensions at around three to four weeks. Depending on your care of your eyelashes, you may need infills at two weeks or as long as six weeks.


Do reshape your eyelashes regularly
Remember to fan your lashes back to restore their shape. We recommend you do this carefully with an eyelash brush or clean mascara wand by gently brushing your eyelashes through without going too deep and avoiding any tugging. Do have them professionally removed
Do not pull or try to remove your eyelash extensions off yourself. This will damage your natural lashes. Should you want your extensions removed, please book to have a professional remove them for you.


Don’t get them wet in the first 24-48 hours
Avoid showers, heat, steam, jacuzzies, swimming or exercise that will cause the eyelash extension adhesive to soften and either result in lashes falling our quicker or to clump and stick together.
Do not rub your eyelashes when removing your makeup or washing your face
If you want your eyelashes to last longer, take care when removing your makeup and washing your face. To remove makeup around your eye area, we recommend you use a cotton bud soaked in oil free makeup remover to gently take off any eyeliner or eye shadow you may be wearing. Avoid splashing water directly onto your lashes or rubbing them directly.
Do not tug at your lashes
Resist the urge to rub, pull, tug or twist at your eyelash extensions. Doing so will result in damage to the extension as well as your natural lashes.
Avoid getting oil on your lashes
Avoid applying oils, heavy creams or shampoo and conditioners containing oils to your lashes, you want to try and avoid applying products that would case the lashes to loosen. Tilt your head back when showering to avoid shampoo touching your lashes!
Take care of your natural lashes
Apply an eyelash serum to help protect your natural lashes to ensure they are strong in supporting your extensions. Don’t purchase a lash growth product that contains steroids as this will speed up your natural eyelash growth cycle and cause your eyelash extensions to fall out quicker.
Do not use eyelash curlers
Just don’t! They will damage the eyelash extensions and the adhesive binding them to your natural lashes.
Do not use oil based make-up
Avoid using oil based make-up and waterproof mascara. Oil in these products will work away at loosening your gorgeous new set of lashes. Make sure you also use oil free make-up remove to clean your lashes and the area around your eyes.
Don’t think they will ruin your natural lashes
The biggest myth is that eyelash extensions will ruin your natural lashes. If applied correctly by a professional and if taken care of correctly, your extensions will not damage your natural lashes.
Don’t wear mascara
Your eyelashes will be bold, long and beautiful. You will not need mascara! Wearing mascara may mean unnecessarily tugging at your eyelashes during the application and removal process making them less likely to stay on for longer. If you must wear mascara, use a non-waterproof, oil free formula and apply only to the tips and not the roots.
Don’t attempt to remove your eyelash extensions on your own
Do not try to remove your eyelash extensions by yourself as you risk damaging your natural lashes. Your eyelash extensions must be removed by a trained Live True London technician in salon.


After about 3-4 weeks you will notice a loss of eyelash extensions! This is completely normal and part of your eyelash growth cycle. Your eyelashes are constantly being replenished, with a cycle of 60-90 days as new ones grow in.
To maintain your eyelash extensions and that full gorgeous lash look, it is recommended to come in for infills every 3-4 weeks for infills. This is dependent on your eyelash growth cycle and how well you take care for them after they are applied.
We do warn you! Eyelash extensions are extremely addictive!
Book your first eyelash extension appointment, natural or dramatic, your lash infills or removal with a beauty technician at Live True London Beauty.
All new Live True Beauty clients will require a patch test at least 24 hours prior to the eyelash extensions treatment. We recommend that you have a trial before a special occasion, like your wedding, to ensure your eyes and eyelashes are comfortable with the treatment.
If you have light hair, we recommend for you to go for an eyelash tint prior to the eyelash extensions. If you have never had a tint performed before at Live True London, we will need to perform a separate patch test for this at least 24 hours before the tint.

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