Nobody wants cracked or chipped nails, so it’s important that you keep them strong, healthy, and protected at all times. There’s a multitude of ways to keep your nails strong; whether it’s through your diet, taking vitamins or, IBX. IBX is a nail-strengthening treatment that will restore your nails to their natural state over the course of six weekly treatments.
IBX nails manicure in London beauty salon in Vauxhall and Nine Elms

Manicure by Aliona at the Live True London Vauxhall and Nine Elms Salon

Here are five reasons you’ll love IBX!
1.It strengthens the nails – IBX is applied like nail polish and is assisted by a low heat to help penetrate the upper layers of the nails. Rather than staying stay on top of the nail like other treatments, IBX penetrates the nail in order for it to become stronger naturally rather than just giving it a hard coating.
 2. It protects the nails – after strengthening the nails, IBX offers protection to the nails from aggression. Whether you choose to leave your nails bare, apply polish or a gel polish on top, you won’t disturb the nail quality and it will remain as strong as ever. Not only will IBX strengthen the nail, but it will also help reduce nail damage.
IBX London nail treatment at Vauxhall and Nine Elms Beauty salon in London3. It helps with dots – we’ve all experienced those little embarrassing and off-putting white dots that sometimes appear on the nails. However, IBX can help reduce both white dots and deep grooves in the nails, leaving them smooth, strong and protected.
4. It repairs splitting – not only are damaged nails painful, but they’re also unattractive and humiliating. IBX can be used to repair damaged or unhealthy nails and, once your nail is protected and stronger, it will grow healthier and mend itself. Due to the bonding nature of IBX, it fosters the ideal conditions for growth and you will end up with longer nails than you had before.
5. Results – while other nail treatments tend to just cover the problem rather than remedy it, IBX offers quick results that are noticeable after just one or two weeks depending on the original condition of the nails. According to some clients, they can see an impact in just a matter of minutes.
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