Lived In Blonde

In the realm of hair colour, the “Lived In Blonde” trend has emerged as a beacon of low maintenance luxury, blending the allure of sun-kissed locks with the practicality of extended wear. This nuanced approach to blonde hair is designed to look effortlessly natural, with subtle roots and multidimensional tones that grow out gracefully over time. At the forefront of this trend are the esteemed Live True London salons, where the art of achieving the perfect Lived In colour look is perfected through expert technique and a personalised approach.

The Essence of Lived In Blonde

Lived In Blonde is not just a colour but a lifestyle choice for those seeking elegance without the constant upkeep. This style celebrates the beauty of natural growth, allowing for longer intervals between salon visits while still maintaining a polished and refined look. The key lies in creating a blend of highlights and lowlights that mirror the natural lightening of hair, resulting in a bespoke blonde that is both timeless and effortlessly chic.

Live True London: Masters of the Lived In Look

Live True London salons are renowned for their expertise in crafting the Lived In Blonde look. With a team of highly skilled stylists, they utilise advanced colouring techniques to achieve a seamless, natural blend that compliments your individual style and hair texture. Each Lived In Blonde creation is as unique as the client themselves, tailored to reflect personal tastes while ensuring the grow-out phase is as beautiful as the day it was dyed.

Personalisation at Its Best

At Live True London, the journey to the perfect Lived In Blonde begins with a comprehensive consultation. Understanding your lifestyle, hair history, and maintenance preferences is crucial for crafting a colour that not only looks stunning but is also uniquely yours. This personalised approach ensures that the final look enhances your natural features and aligns with your daily routine, embodying the essence of lived-in luxury.

Beyond Colour: A Commitment to Hair Health

One of the hallmarks of Live True London salons is their unwavering commitment to hair health. Achieving the Lived In Blonde look goes hand in hand with ensuring the hair remains healthy, strong, and vibrant. To this end, Live True London utilises premium, nourishing products that protect and enhance the hair during and after the colouring process. This commitment to quality means clients can enjoy their Lived In colour look with the assurance that their hair’s integrity is preserved.


The Lived In Blonde trend represents a harmonious blend of style, practicality, and personalisation, embodying a sense of effortless elegance that lasts. At Live True London, the art of achieving this sought-after look is elevated through expert craftsmanship, a commitment to hair health, and sustainable practices. Choosing Live True London for your Lived In Blonde journey means embracing a look that is as carefree as it is captivating, ensuring you embody the essence of lived-in luxury every day.

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