Smoke Hair

In the ever-evolving world of hair colour trends, there emerges a new style that beautifully blends mystery and allure with a hint of rebellion. It’s called smoke hair, and it’s fast becoming the go-to choice for those looking to add a touch of enigma to their aesthetic.

Smoke hair is not just a colour it’s a fusion of charcoal, silver, and soft pastel hues that mimic the ethereal quality of smoke. This trend is perfect for those who wish to steer away from the conventional while still embracing an element of chic sophistication.

Origins and Inspiration

The smoke hair trend seems to have risen from the ashes of the pastel and grey hair movements, which dominated the beauty scene in previous years. However, it introduces a deeper, more layered look, incorporating darker undertones that give it a more grounded feeling.

How It’s Achieved

Achieving the perfect smoke hair look requires a blend of skill and artistry. The process generally starts with a base of dark grey or charcoal, layered with lighter tones to create depth. Highlights of silver, soft blue, or even lilac are then added to create the ‘smoke’ effect. This is not a DIY job; a professional colourist with experience in blending and balayage techniques is a must to achieve the seamless transition of colours.

Styling and Maintenance

Smoke hair, while stunning, does come with its challenges, primarily maintenance. To keep the colours vibrant and the hair healthy, it’s essential to invest in colour-protecting shampoos and conditioners. Additionally, regular visits to the salon for touch-ups are crucial to maintain the intensity of the hues.

Styling this coloured hair offers endless possibilities. It looks particularly striking on layered cuts, which allow the interplay of colours to peek through naturally with movement. For those with a penchant for the dramatic, pairing smoke hair with sleek, straight styles or voluminous waves can elevate the mystique to new heights.

Who’s Wearing It?

Smoke hair is not limited to the realms of alternative fashion. Celebrities and influencers alike are embracing this trend, showcasing its versatility and universal appeal. From red carpets to street style, this coloured hair is proving to be a versatile choice for anyone looking to make a statement.


As we look towards more personalised and expressive fashion statements, smoke hair stands out as a definitive trend of the moment. It encapsulates the spirit of modern beauty—innovative, expressive, and unabashedly bold. Whether you’re looking to overhaul your style or simply add a new dimension to your hair colour, this colour offers a uniquely modern aesthetic that’s bound to turn heads.

This is a trend that invites you to experiment and express your individuality. So why not let your hair be your personal canvas and let the smoke effect paint your story?

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