Top 5 Short Hairstyles For Summer 2023

Summer is upon us, and with it, the chance to redefine our appearance. Our locks can be a powerful expression of our personality and style and as the sun starts showing it’s time to explore new ways to style our short locks. Let’s dive into our top 5 short hairstyles for the summer of 2023.

1. The Classic Bob Reimagined

First on our list is the humble bob, elevated to new heights in summer 2023. It’s an all-time favourite, a hairstyle that has stood the test of time and continues to be a style icon. This summer, the bob is back with a twist – literally. Incorporate loose waves for added dimension or keep it sleek with a blunt cut. The bob’s versatility is its winning attribute, making it an ideal choice whether you’re at the office or lounging by the pool. Just remember to keep it tousled and effortless for that oh-so-chic summer vibe.

2. The Playful Pixie Cut

Next up, we have the playful pixie cut. The pixie has always been a favourite for those who dare to go ultra-short, and this summer is no exception. But this year, it’s all about adding personality with intricate details like delicate feathering or edgy undercut designs. You can also elevate this hairstyle with vibrant colours such as electric blues or passionate purples. In the spirit of the season, don’t be afraid to experiment and have a bit of fun!

3. The Chic Buzz Cut

This one’s for the audacious. Yes, you heard it right! The buzz cut is on the rise, and it’s not just for the gents. This uber short cut is the perfect way to keep your head cool while making a bold statement. Modern iterations involve soft fading or micro-fringe to add a feminine touch. And don’t worry, you can play with colours too, from soft pastels to striking brights, to match your personality.

4. The Contemporary Shag

Not quite ready for a pixie or a buzz? Opt for the contemporary shag. It’s short, stylish, and absolutely on trend. Think of rock ‘n’ roll vibes mixed with French-girl chic. The key to the perfect shag is texture and movement. Layers are cut in various lengths and then tousled for that messy-yet-put-together look. Pair it with curtain bangs for a soft, face-framing effect. Voila, you’ve got the perfect hairstyle for a laid-back summer.

5. The Asymmetrical Lob

Last, but certainly not least, is the asymmetrical lob. It’s longer than a bob but shorter than your average long hair – making it an ideal choice for those wanting a noticeable change without going too short. This season, the asymmetrical lob is all about creating a dramatic contrast in lengths. Opt for a deep side part to add an extra layer of chic. The result? An effortlessly cool hairstyle that is both versatile and low-maintenance.

In conclusion, short hair in summer 2023 is all about being bold, brave, and embracing change. And remember, whatever style you choose, the best accessory you can wear is your confidence. So, don’t be afraid to chop those locks! Let the expert stylist team at Live True London salons bring your dream short summer hairstyle to life!

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