Top 5 Summer Hairstyles Of 2023

Stepping into the heart of summer, we’re all longing for that stunning seasonal makeover to mark the season’s glory. And where better to start than with our tresses? The sweltering heat of summer calls for breezy, sophisticated, and stylish hairstyles that can keep up with our spirits.

Live True London’s got you covered with the most glamorous hair trends that are ruling 2023. Hold on tight as we’re about to spill the beans on the top 5 summer hairstyles for you to sashay through the season with flair and elegance.

1. Bohemian Braids

Braids are back, but not as you know them! Bohemian Braids are the talk of the town this season. They’ve been spotted on the runways from Paris to Milan and are a smashing hit among the celebs as well. These aren’t your traditional, neatly-styled braids but are all about the devil-may-care, boho chic vibes. Whether it’s a crown braid, side-swept fish-tail, or the classic French braid with loose, face-framing tendrils, the key is to keep it loose, slightly messy, and unapologetically you.

2. Retro Voluminous Curls

Fashion is often cyclical, and hairstyles are no exception. The voluminous curls of the ’70s and ’80s have made a massive comeback this summer. Think Farrah Fawcett’s iconic feathered style or the ’80s disco curls, only more defined and controlled. Hot rollers are the secret weapon to achieve these glamorous curls, giving a sense of nostalgia with a modern twist.

3. The High Ponytail

Sporty, chic, and downright trendy, the high ponytail is in vogue this summer. It’s not only a fantastic way to beat the heat but also a style statement in itself. The likes of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been rocking this look. Whether you’re going for a sleek, glossy finish or a textured, voluminous ponytail with wispy bits, it’s all about height and attitude.

4. The Short Bob

This summer, the mantra is: the shorter, the trendier. The classic bob is back, but it’s got a chic twist this season. The Short Bob is neat, edgy, and perfect for the summer heat. Add waves to your short bob to create a beachy look or opt for a blunt cut, a layered style or an asymmetrical cut – it’s all about personalising your bob to match your character. Don’t forget to experiment with hair colours; balayage or icy blondes are all the rage.

5. Accessorised Updos

Updos are always a summer favourite, but they’re getting a stylish upgrade this year with accessories galore. Hair clips with pearls and crystals, colourful bandanas, and statement-making headbands have been popping up all over the high streets. These accessories add a playful element to your updos, giving them a quick and easy update.

In conclusion, the top summer hairstyles 2023 are all about expressing your personal style with a mix of classic and contemporary hair trends. Whether you opt for a boho braid or a high ponytail, remember to make it your own. Accessorise, experiment, and most importantly, have fun with your summer hairstyles!

Let us know which style you’re most excited to try this summer and let the talented stylists at Live True London salon take care of your fabulous hair. Stay fabulous, and keep those tresses trendy!

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