Vanilla Chai Highlights

When deciding on a new hair colour, inspiration can come from the most unexpected sources. The latest trend brewing in the beauty industry is Vanilla Chai Highlights, a blend that draws its cues from the warm, comforting tones of the popular spiced tea. This trend is swiftly becoming popular in salons everywhere, especially for those seeking a unique, warm twist to their hair. Let’s explore more and discover why this highlight trend is the perfect pick-me-up for your locks.

What are Vanilla Chai Highlights?

Vanilla Chai Highlights are inspired by the creamy, warm hues of vanilla chai tea. This colour trend incorporates a mix of soft beige, light brown, and subtle golden tones, creating a harmonious blend. The beauty of these highlights lies in their natural-looking warmth and the gentle, spicy contrast they offer, much like the drink itself.

The Warmth and Spice of Vanilla Chai Highlights

Natural and Versatile: These highlights are perfect for those seeking a natural-looking enhancement to their hair. They work beautifully with a variety of base hair colours and styles.

Soft Contrast: Unlike more striking highlight options, Vanilla Chai offers a soft, subtle contrast, adding depth and dimension without overwhelming the hair.

Flattering for Many Skin Tones: The warm, neutral tones in these highlights can complement a wide range of skin tones, bringing a glow to the complexion.

Seasonal Flexibility: While particularly appealing in autumn and winter for their cosy warmth, these highlights are versatile enough to be a charming choice year-round.

Brewing the Perfect Vanilla Chai Highlights
The creation of these highlights is an art that requires the skill of a professional colourist. The process usually involves:

Custom Colour Mixing: The colourist will blend various shades to create the perfect Vanilla Chai hue that complements your natural hair colour.

Balayage Technique: Often, a balayage technique is employed to apply the highlights, ensuring a blended, natural finish.

Toning for Perfection: A toner may be used to refine the highlights, achieving the ideal balance of warm and cool tones.

Gloss Treatment: A gloss treatment can be added to enhance the shine and richness of the highlights.

Caring for Vanilla Chai Highlighted Hair
To maintain the beauty and longevity of this hair trend:

Use Colour-Safe Haircare Products: Opt for shampoos and conditioners formulated for colour-treated hair.
Avoid Excessive Heat Styling: Minimise the use of heat styling tools to prevent fading and keep hair healthy.
Regular Trims: Keep your highlights looking fresh with regular trims.
Deep Conditioning Treatments: Incorporate nourishing hair masks or treatments to keep your hair hydrated and vibrant.


Vanilla Chai Highlights offer a refreshing and stylish change from traditional highlight options. This trend is perfect for those looking to add a touch of warmth to their hair. With the wide options of hair colour trends, Vanilla Chai Highlights stand out for their understated cosy appeal, making them a perfect choice for anyone seeking a chic and comforting update to their hairstyle.

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