What To Do Before A Hair Appointment

Whether you’re gearing up for a simple trim, a new hair colour, or a complete style overhaul, preparing properly for your hair appointment can make a significant difference in the outcome of your salon visit. Here are some expert tips on what to do before your hair appointment to ensure you get the most out of your session and leave the salon looking and feeling fabulous.

  1. Know What You Want
    Before heading to a salon, like Live True London, have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Browse through magazines, scroll through social media, or check out celebrity styles to find inspiration. If you’re considering a major change, think about how it will fit with your lifestyle, hair type, and the amount of time you’re willing to spend on maintenance.
  2. Gather Visuals
    Once you’ve decided on a look, gather images that closely resemble the style or color you desire. Having visual aids can help you better communicate your expectations to your stylist and ensure both of you are on the same page. This is particularly important for colour appointments, as “blonde” or “brown” can mean different shades to different people.
  3. Consider Your Hair’s History
    Be ready to inform your stylist about your hair’s chemical history, such as previous dyes, bleaching, or chemical treatments like perms or relaxers. This information is crucial as it influences the techniques and products your stylist will use to avoid damaging your hair.
  4. Wash Your Hair
    It’s a good idea to arrive at the salon with clean hair. This makes it easier for the stylist to cut and style your hair accurately. For colour treatments, some stylists prefer working with hair that isn’t freshly washed, as natural oils can protect the scalp from harsh chemicals.
  5. Skip the Products
    On the day of your appointment, avoid using heavy styling products like hairsprays, gels, or pomades. These can interfere with haircuts and treatments. If you’re getting a colour service, residue from styling products can affect how the colour sets in your hair.
  6. Wear Appropriate Clothing
    Choose a shirt or a top with buttons or a wide neck. This makes changing clothes after your appointment easier without disturbing your newly styled hair. Also, wear something that you won’t mind getting a little dusty from hair trimmings or stained from colour treatments.
  7. Speak Up During the Consultation
    Most hair appointments start with a consultation. Use this time to discuss your desires, concerns, and the pictures you’ve brought. Be open to suggestions from your stylist, as they can offer advice tailored to your hair type and face shape.
  8. Plan Your Schedule Wisely
    Don’t rush your stylist by squeezing your appointment into a tight schedule. Good results can’t be rushed, especially for more complex services like highlights, balayage, or major haircuts. Ensure you have enough time for the stylist to work thoroughly and for any unexpected adjustments.
  9. Eat and Hydrate
    Especially for long sessions, make sure you eat a good meal and hydrate before your appointment. You might also want to bring a snack and a water bottle, particularly if you know it’s going to be a lengthy visit.
  10. Bring Essentials
    Consider taking a book, magazine, or have your phone charged to keep you entertained. Long treatments can take several hours, so having something to pass the time can make the experience more enjoyable.


Taking these steps before your hair appointment can enhance your experience and improve the final results. By preparing properly, you help ensure that your salon visit is relaxing and rewarding, leaving you with a look that you’ll love. Remember, a successful hair transformation is not just in the hands of your stylist but also in how you prepare for it.

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