Top Soho Haircuts at Live True London

curtain fringe at our live true london soho

Top Soho Haircuts at Live True London This year has seen an eclectic mix of wild hairstyles, however one that particularly stands out is the return of the classic 70’s look, and with it brings the careless messy vibe that clients are asking for. Let’s dive into this year’s top Soho haircuts for 2021.  The […]

Cafés in Soho You Need to Try

soho grind for the best cocktails in soho

CAFÉS IN SOHO YOU NEED TO TRY My Place Soho Café by day, and bar by night, this unique and classy venue attracts all types, earning its place as one of the best cafes in Soho, London. They deliver an all-round experience, and with their well renowned coffee, full course menus and the hottest cocktails […]

Our Favourite Balayage Soho Looks

beach blonde at live true london soho

Our Favourite Balayage Soho Looks Soho’s multicultural vibe brings many of the world’s elite, and with this influx of glamour and fashion icons, comes the highly fashionable Balayage technique, and here are some of the top Soho looks. Honey Blonde – This ‘sun kissed’ look is a definite favourite for many, mixing the honey blonde […]