Balayage is one of our favourite colour techniques at Live True London. Whether our stylists are creating a skillfully blended brunette balayage or a bold and vibrant blonde foilayage, this hair colouring technique is perfect for getting that customised look.

Here are some of our favourite most recent balayage looks from our Live True London salons.

1. Neutral Caramel Balayage

Neutral Caramel Balayage by Lori at Live True Vauxhall

Neutral Caramel Balayage is a natural looking hair colour that combines multiple shades of light brown onto a dark brunette base to create a stunning caramel tone. This colour looks great on dark brunettes wanting to lighten their hair.

2. Natural Copper Balayage

Natural Copper Balayage at Live True Vauxhall

If you’re looking for a hair colour that is on trend and adds dimension to your usual hair colour, then look no further than this Natural Copper Balayage. This natural copper colour is a more subtle way of adding a bit of vibrancy to your hair colour.

3. Bronde Balayage

Bronde Balayage by Lorena at Live True Vauxhall

For a natural but dimensional look, why not try a bronde balayage? This colour gives a perfect blend of blonde and brunette shades. This is a great choice for brunettes looking to go a slightly lighter without having too much contrast in their balayage.

4. Vanilla Blonde Balayage

Vanilla Blonde Balayage by Lori at Live True Vauxhall

Blonde balayage is one of the most popular techniques requested at our salons. The hair is hand painted to avoid harsh lines and a seamless, gradual lightening of the hair from root to tip. This Vanilla Blonde Balayage is a colour that we absolutely love. With it’s light and creamy vanilla colour and neutral shade, it’s a blonde colour that we just had to put in our favourites.

5. Silver Ash Balayage

Silver Ash Balayage by at Live True Soho

If you’re looking for something a little different, then check out this Silver Ash Balayage. The silver tones mixed with the ash shades make this hair colour look metallic yet avoids brassiness.

6. Dark Chocolate Balayage

Dark Chocolate Balayage by Natalia at Live True Vauxhall

This Dark Chocolate Balayage is one of our favourites for dark brunettes that are after a more subtle balayage blend. The brunette tones used give a warm colour to the hair which we love. 

If you just got your new balayage, make sure to care for your beautiful lock properly! Check out FUL London’s blog to choose the right products.

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