New Year Hair Detox

New Year Hair Detox

After attending the all the Christmas and holiday celebrations on your calendar, it is safe to say that the partying has taken its toll on your once luscious looking locks.
With the new year under way, we are sure that most of you are detoxing from all the festivities. Why not also add some life back into your tresses with our new year hair detox tips!


Why not start the new year fresh? They do say new year … new hair … new you!
Whether you decide to go for a dramatic chop or a simple trim, getting rid of your spilt ends leaves your hair looking healthier. Why not try an A-line lob or mid-length trim to tidy up your ends and redistribute healthy weight around your face?

A-line lob by Claire at LIVE TRUE LONDON hair Salon Vauxhall


Revive your hair with deep conditioning treatments. Deep conditioning treatments add moisture back to the hair which has been lost between shampooing, straightening, and blow drying. Deep conditioning the hair 2-4 times a month or once a week (for severely damaged hair) will leave hair stronger, shinier, and healthier.

Redken Deep Conditioning Treatments

Redken Shot Phase deep conditioning treatments contain specialised ingredients that compensate for missing components in the hair due to hair distress. It restores the PH value of the hair, and provides a concentrated dose of what the hair needs most. Live True London hair salons offer the following Shot Phase treatments:
Shot Phase Extreme provides a deep treatment for weakened, distressed hair. It contains protein that fortifies chemically distressed hair and helps reinforce the hairs internal fiber.
Shot Phase Colour Extender provides a deep treatment for colour-treated hair. UVA and UVB filters help protect hair colour against fading, while Ceramide helps reconstruct and strengthen the condition of the hair.
Shot Phase All Soft provides a deep treatment for dry, brittle hair. It replenishes the moisture balance in the hair’s keratin for elasticity and lasting suppleness, while Argan Oil delivers an intense, luxurious softness.

Home Deep Conditioning Treatments

If you would rather use a natural home remedy, we love coconut oil! Unlike other oils, coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft and moisturises from within. It helps to repair damaged hair and protects it from any future heat damage. Depending on the length of your hair, apply 2-4 tablespoons of the oil to your hair (avoid your scalp). Leave it on for 30-40 minutes, then wash out.

Olaplex Treatment

If your hair is feeling severely brittle and damaged from styling and colour applications, Olaplex is the answer. Olaplex repairs broken disulfide bonds and cross-link them back together helping to create stronger and healthier hair. These bonds are broken by colour, lighteners, perms, relaxers, flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers etc.
Olaplex is added before, during and after a colour service, but can also be used as a standalone treatment to repair damaged hair.
If you want to ensure healthier locks, have Olaplex added to your colour service from £25.
If you wish to work at repairing damaged hair from colour and heat and are lusting after silkier looking locks, try an Olaplex standalone treatment from £35.
We also offer this product as a take home treatment. Purchase the product in salon and top up between hair appointments at home, to ensure your hair is feeling and looking its best!


Straighteners, curlers, hair dryers … the list goes on! Give your locks a break by staying away from heated appliances, as heat causes dry, brittle, and damaged hair. If you can’t bear to part ways with your curling tongs, you can avoid heat damage through the following steps:
Know your hair. Your hair type and texture determine your heat settings. Everyone’s hair is different and can handle different heat levels. If you have thicker courser hair you will be able to handle more heat than someone with finer locks.
Know your heat tolerance. Know what heat is best suited to your hair and adjust the dials on your straightener accordingly. Damaged hair = less heat. Don’t be afraid to use the cold button on your hairdryer (yes! that button you never really use)! It might take you longer to dry your hair, but you will be thanking us for this tip!
Protect your hair. You wouldn’t pick up a hot plate without an oven mitt, so why would you apply heat to your hair without protection. Straighteners can go up to 450 degrees, making it essential to apply a heat protective spray to protect your tresses. We love Redken Argan-6 oil, a natural argan oil for dry and brittle hair that provides softness, deep conditioning, and shine.

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