The Brixton Salon gets a new Coat of Culture

The Brixton Salon gets a new Coat of Culture

The Brixton Salon gets a new Coat of Culture

Brixton has become a cultural mecca within London. It’s the go-to place for foodies, rockers, clubbers and artists. If you have wandered the streets of Brixton you will find, and come to love, its gritty industrial feel, its bustling streets, its street art, its concoction of accents and its renowned nightlife.
Live True London hair salon Brixton, situated in the heart of it all, tasked Graffiti Life with creating a wall mural to translate Brixton’s electricity within the salon. We quizzed David Speed, Graffiti Life Director and Founder, on his love for Graffiti, his business and the work he created in the salon.
1. Tell us about Graffiti Life – what are you all about?
Graffiti Life is a collective of artists and creative individuals that have a shared passion for graffiti and street-art.
2. How did you get into street art?
I started noticing graffiti around the age of 10. It fascinated me, although I wasn’t completely sure what it was, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. When I was older, around 18, I met an artist that took me under his wing. Back then it was like a secret society and you couldn’t get in unless you were invited – unlike recent times, where the internet has greatly changed things.
When I started in this industry, the term ‘street art’ didn’t exist and there was a lack of public acceptance. As artists, we were vilified and, as legal painting areas were shut down, we were faced with the choice of quitting painting or working illegally. At that point I started creating work in the streets.
3. Tell us more about London and its street art. A recent or long standing love affair?
People have been creating graffiti in London for many years. Two young men were featured in an article in the early 70’s for writing their names around North London (both men later became members of the pop group Madness). Political slogans, gang graffiti and graffiti made by skinheads and punks were the starting point.
In the 1980s people in London began imitating the American style of graffiti, thanks in part to the publication of the graffiti book ‘Subway Art’ making its way across the pond. American artist Futura 2000 painted on-stage backdrops for The Clash on their European tour and painted a wall in London, which many cite as a massive inspiration for new artists in the city.
4. You were tasked with designing and creating a mural for the LIVE TRUE LONDON Brixton salon. What inspired the design?
Brixton is a vibrant area with many important landmarks. We wanted to make sure that the area was represented to the fullest within the salon, whilst making sure the mural worked within the space that we were given.
5. How does the design represent Brixton?
We included our favourite Brixton landmarks within the design and used a marker pen style with a splash of colour to represent the colourful streets, personalities and streets within the area.
6. How long did the mural take to complete and how many artists worked on it?
It was completed by two artists in 5 hours. They used a mix of marker pen and spray-paint to create the mural.


Visit Brixton Market, shop in Brixton Village and Market Row, enjoy a movie at the Ritzy Cinema, party at the Brixton Academy, sip on the best coffee in the area at Federation Coffee, listen to live music at the Hootananny, stroll around Brockwell Park and pop into Live True London – there is something for everyone.

Brixton Academy


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