Wolf Cut – Why We Love It

We saw wolf cuts taking over as the cool-girl hair cut of 2021, with celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish adopting the hairstyle. Here’s our guide to getting the look, styling your wolf cut and everything you need to know about this viral style.
The wolf haircut is a choppier and wilder version of the shag haircut, which was also popular in 2021. It’s created with short choppy layers at the top of your hair, keeping the volume at the crown and tapering towards the bottom of your cut, and finished with a heavy fringe or curtain bangs. Expect to see it elevated one step further in 2022 with longer and softer styles!
Getting the cut
The wolf cut is very versatile and can be adapted for a range of different hair types and tastes. It looks gorgeous on naturally wavy or curly hair types, and those with fine hair can use it to create additional volume. If you’re after a shorter cut it’ll look a lot sharper and edgier, but if you’ve got longer locks it can look soft and subtle.
If you’re new to the wolf cut, it’s best to book a consultation with your stylist to find out how it will work with your hair type and what way you should adapt it to suit your face and style.
The cut can be as dramatic or subtle as you like but be aware that shorter layers on top will take a long time to grow out. When you decide to grow it out, you will need to take some length off to allow the short, choppy layers to catch up with the length of your hair. If you’re worried about a drastic change, ask your stylist for longer and softer layers.
This cut is a great one for low maintenance hair lovers – it might not be for you if you like to wash and blow dry your hair every day or like to keep it sleek. It’s a lived-in style that looks best when your hair is textured!
In terms of styling, this look does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Most can get away with using some pomade, paste or dry shampoo to texturise their hair, but if your hair is pin-straight and sleek, you will need to put a lot more work into styling.
Wolf cut styles
1. Classic wolf haircut


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2. Wolfcut with mullet


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3. Wolf cut with light layers


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4. Curly wolf cut


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5. Short wolf cut


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6. Wolf cut with long layers

Hair cut by Mike at Live True Soho

7. Super soft wolf cut


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