Top Balayage Looks Brixton in 2021

2021, what a year. It’s no surprise that with the challenges 2021 gave us, brighter and more innovative styles have emerged from our Brixton salon. Given that Brixton is both a hotspot for creatives and a cultural melting pot, we’ve seen a wide array of unique styles that paved the way for 2022’s exciting new trends to come. Let’s have a look back at the top balayage trends in Brixton that took 2021 by storm.
Iced Balayage

Icy Balayage by Abbie

Adding in silver tones to a more natural toned balayage to create an eye-catching icy colour has been popular this year, and we love this cool toned look.
Dimensional Balayage

Dimensional Golden Blonde Balayage by Abbie 

We’ve seen a real rise in customisable dimensional balayage techniques, and it’s easy to see why. This mix of balayage, highlights and lowlights creates a gorgeously natural look that’s full of movement.
Copper Balayage

Copper balayage by Bea

Probably the defining colour of 2021, the copper balayage rose in popularity this autumn after being seen on a number of celebrities and models. We love the diversity in tones this colour offers, so no matter your skin tone or taste there’s a copper shade for you. This is one of our top balayage looks Brixton.
Toffee Balayage

Buttery Toffee Balayage by Diogo

With the rise in coppery hair tones, this more natural buttery spin on the more loud red look has seen an uptick in popularity.
Bronde Balayage

Bronde balayage by Diogo

Iridescent and pastel looks have been huge this year, and we love this fresh and daring colour palette!
Sun-kissed Balayage

Sun-kissed blonde balayage by Diogo

This timeless option is going nowhere! A natural sun-kissed balayage is low maintenance and gives you that just-back-from-holiday glow.
Chili Chocolate

Warm Copper Balayage by Bea

This brunette spin on the copper trend has seen a rise in popularity this year – mixing a classic chocolate melt balayage with more auburn and red tones to create this warm and fiery look.
Unicorn Balayage
For the more daring individuals, the unicorn balayage will always be a head turner! We love this radiant purple, green and orange look as well as more monochromatic moments with a wash of blue shades.
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