Acrylic Nails London

Acrylic Nails London
Have you ever wanted long healthy looking nails but find that your nails will not grow past a certain point? Acrylic nails are a perfect solution to short, brittle nails. With these nail extensions, in one appointment, you can see your nails go through a complete transformation!

With acrylic nails London you can choose from a wide variety of shapes from Coffin, Ballerina, Square or Squoval. You are also completely in control of your nail length. If you are new to acrylics, we recommend that you start on the shorter side and add length through infills as your nails grow.
Acrylic Nails London are very low maintenance with only having to infill as and when the nails are grown out.
You can fully customise your nails to suit your personal style. Why not try an ombre colour or go for clear tips?
Acrylic nails can also be used to create the perfect, even and large area for nail art – either simple lines, a bit of gold foil or something more intricate! There are literally thousands of different colour, shape, and design possibilities.
To keep your nails looking their best, make sure to protect your nails and cuticles by regularly applying cuticle oil for extra hydration and to keep your nails strong. Wear gloves when doing any sort of heavy cleaning, especially if using bleach or strong chemicals, to make your manicure last longer.
The key to nail health with acrylic nails is proper removal. It is important to have acrylic nails removed in the salon, never try to remove them on your own at home! Proper removal ensures the health of your nails and prevents any damage.


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