Waxing London

Waxing London
Waxing London
Waxing is a non-permanent form of hair removal using either hot or semi-hardened wax. The wax is applied and then ripped off in the direction of hair growth. Skin is left soft and hair free!
At Live True London we believe in only using the best quality waxing products, which is why we have invested in the brand Lycon. The Lycon brand is formulated to give our guests a pain free service and with beautiful, smooth, long lasting results. Lycon is cruelty free and made with natural plant oils to protect and nourish the skin.
We offer all forms of waxing London services head-to-toe, including intimate. We also offer both strip and hot wax options, using the best method depending on the area to be treated.
Here are some of the waxing services we offer:
Basic Bikini
A simple and quick bikini wax which only takes pubic hair off the sides of your bikini line. This option is perfect for those who are on the go but do not need a Brazilian wax and is a perfect in between wax option.
Pubic hair is removed from the front of the pubic bone, around the external genitals, between the upper thighs and leave a small strip of hair in the front.
Unlike a Brazilian wax (which leaves behind a strip of hair), a Hollywood wax is when all of the hair is removed from the front to the back and where all the hard to reach places are taken care off.
Leg Wax
Sick of having to shave your legs regularly and feeling like it is coming back twice as fast and thick. Leg waxing is a perfect option to achieve silky smooth legs without having to worry about stubble!
Underarm Wax
If you are tired of having to shave your underarms, waxing is a great option for longevity of results with the hair removed from the root. This means you can be hair free for up to 6 weeks depending on the rate of your hair growth.
Facial Waxing
Facial waxing London is a perfect alternative to threading for those who have super thick or resistant hair. Pulling the hair from the roots makes it pain free and for those sensitive skin this is a perfect alternative.
Nose Waxing
Unlike a trimmer or scissors, waxing London can produce better results as it can reach hard to each places.

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