A Solution to Greasy Hair

A Solution to Greasy Hair

A Solution to Greasy Hair

Greasy Hair – Our Solutions

Greasy hair is an issue that many people face. Those issues can be different from person to person and using the same method as your friend might not work for you. To find your solution, we have broken down some of the issues people face and the tricks that you can use to fight them.
The sebaceous glands regulate the flow of natural oil produced by the skin and scalp. If these become overworked by stress or if they are not balancing the oil due to genetics; the hair will look and feel oily and wet, mostly on the root area. Kérastase has the perfect treating shampoo for greasy hair, the Bain Divalent. This shampoo will work on the glands to help regulate them. The added bonus is that it will not dry off your ends if you have fine hair.

Product build-up
If you overuse products such as hair spray, styling or heat protection creams, your hair will feel sticky and dull. The build-up will clog the hair from roots to tips, making it harder to manage and style. You will need a cleansing shampoo such as Redken‘s Clean Maniac Micellar to remove all excess products in your hair. This shampoo is sulphate free for anyone wanting to go the extra mile.
Using the wrong shampoo
If you use a shampoo that is too rich for your hair, it will make it look limp and slightly sticky to the touch. The greasy effect will be more located to the roots and your blow dry will drop after a few hours. To remedy this, if you need moisture, try to go for a lighter option. Colour treated shampoo such as Kérastase Bain Chromatique Sulphate Free are great as they can add moisture while not overloaded the hair with heavy nourishment. Moisture is important however too much is not beneficial.

Change your pillowcase often enough
Cotton pillowcases are soft to sleep on. However, the cotton texture absorbs a lot. Be it hair products, skin products, natural sebum from hair and skin all those will create a layer on the pillowcase, and it will be given back all of this back to the hair afterwards. The hair will look flat overall and slightly coated to the touch. It is important to have a good routine to change the pillowcases and to wash them to a higher temperature to remove impurities from them.

Your skin is greasy

If your skin is naturally greasy or oily, we recommend using a skincare that will help regulate the flow of sebum. La Roche-Posay has a 3-step routine called Effaclar that will clear the skin and treat it in the long run. Oily skin can affect your hairline and for people that touch their face and hair a lot, the sebum can be spread from the skin to the hair. You would then need to clear the hair with a shampoo like Redken Micellar.
redken micellar to cleanse your hair from build up
Frequency of shampoo
Washing your hair too often will activate the production is sebum. This is a mechanical protection from the body as the scalp is getting irritated by constant friction. In the long run, the sebaceous glands will over produce sebum and will be out of balance. The only way out is to space out the shampoo. Try every other day at first and then increase slowly. At first, the roots will look overly oily but in time the scalp will start regulating itself and balance will be restored.
To the contrary, if you do not wash your hair enough, you will see a build up on the roots at first and going through the lengths afterwards. White flakes will also start to form. They look like dandruff however they are sticking to the hair due to the sebum. The hair will also gets a smell that will be harder to remove in time. We recommend increasing the washing times, maybe twice or 3 times a week if needed.
Washing your hair after working out
Sweat is different than natural sebum, sweat will leave a stinging and itchy effect on the scalp. If you wear makeup and train with your make up on, the risks are that it will drift to your roots and will create a mix of product build-up and stickiness if left unwashed. The risk of over matting the hair is also present and the only way to remedy to all those is to wash your hair directly or few hours after a gym session. Your normal treating shampoo can be used in this instant such as colour treated, volume or hydration.

dry shampoo for a fast refreshing root boost

Hot air will create sweat, which again has a different effect than sebum. Humidity can influence your styling and people tend to touch their hair more often if they do not like the way the hair looks. Those factors will combine to create an itchy scalp and over produce sebum at the same time due to irritation from touch – all contributing to greasy hair. Ventilating the room as much as possible will help in sanitise the air around you and should avoid high humidity and heat in a room/office. If the climate is hot and humid, use dry shampoo to absorb the excess oil produced. Redken Dry Shampoo Powder is perfect for this and is fast to use.
If you need tailored advice for your hair, book a free consultation with one of our stylists and they will be able to give you helpful advice on solving your greasy hair problem.

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