Our Favourite Nail Trends – Live True London Soho

Our Favourite Nail Trends – Live True London Soho

Our Favourite Nail Trends – Live True London Soho

Our Favourite Nail Trends – Live True London Soho – Manicure Soho

As the festive season begins to ramp up, everyone is frantically booking in to freshen up their nails before the holiday season. Given the vast array of possibilities, it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve shared our 5 favourite trendy nail manicures to give you some inspiration..
1. Graphic Detail Manicure Soho

Bright colours and bold patterns are a great choice this year to help inspire positivity and optimism. Graphic details are funky and eye-catching, so go for wild abstract patterns or strong contrasting colours – as long as it’s bold!
2. Gradient Nails Soho
Can’t decide between two or more colours? Going for a gradient gives you a colourful and smooth appearance, and can work with a wide variety of colours, shades and tones.
3. Clear Polish and Nude Colours Manicure Soho
rhinestones on nails is a new trend at Live True London
A classic staple, clear polish option gives a youthful and natural look, and you can add patterns on top for some pop. Similarly, getting opaque skin tone nails is a safe and timeless option which you can also style to your choosing.
4. Animal Print Manicure Soho
Animal print nails have been on trend for years, and is unlikely to stop anytime soon! With its artsy and chic appearance, this manicure can work well on anyone.
5. Metallic Nails Manicure Soho

Funky and cute, this metallic shiny manicure certainly catches your eye. Growing ever more popular in trendy areas like Soho, this is a great statement-making option.
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