Rainbow Hair, Unicorn Hair

Rainbow Hair, Unicorn Hair

Rainbow Hair, Unicorn Hair

Rainbow Hair is the colour trend that has taken the world by storm! Think cotton candy pink and sea foam green to sky blue.
Gone are the days of playing it safe with hair colour, the bolder and brighter the better! It’s all about vivid hair colour.
If you are addicted to Instagram and Pinterest as much as we are, you would have come across the hashtags #rainbowhair, #unicornhair and #mermaidhair.
All these terms refer to the colourful dyed hair trend, which showcases colours from the rainbow using a bold or pastel colour palette. It’s all about Rainbow Hair to embrace your inner unicorn or mermaid! And we just simply love it!
Katy Perry is a big fan of Rainbow Hair. From cartoon bubble gum pink hair and soft pastel lavender to striking blue hair and deep purple, she has rocked many hair colours on the red carpet and helped to establish this hair trend!
This look works well on medium length (see our blog post on Medium Length Hairstyles) to long hair. Whether you want to rock every colour of the rainbow, or simple pick one, this trend will have you feeling bold!

Rainbow Hair by Paco at Live True London hair salon Vauxhall

Hot on the heels of Rainbow Hair is Hidden Rainbow Hair, a trend that has emerged over the last 6 months.
If you aren’t quite ready to commit to full-time Unicorn Hair, but still want to experiment with hair colour, opt for this ‘underlights’ technique where your secret Rainbow Hair lies underneath your natural hair colour.
You don’t have to use all the colours of the rainbow. Rocking one vivid hair colour also creates that statement look you have been lusting after!

DJ Kristy Harper in Candy Pink Rainbow Hair

Our stylists love to experiment with colour and the latest trends. If you don’t want a full head of fashion colour, why don’t you dip dye your locks to create an Ombré and look like a true mermaid!

Dip Dyed Green Hair from the LIVE TRUE LONDON 2017 Collection

Dip Dyed Blue Hair by Younes at Live True London hair salon Brixton

Paco, Colour Master at Live True London hair salon Vauxhall, teamed up with influencer Emilina Love and Redken UK to create the hottest hair colour techniques using Redken’s new range of vivid hair colours – City Beats.
Rock your boldest hair colour with the new City Beats acidic conditioning colour creams. This new range, available in Live True London hair salons, allows your LTL stylist to create edgy vibrant hair shades inspired by the streets of New York City.
Feel the energy, hear the beat and discover seven hues that let you unleash your boldest look.

Blogger Emilina Love showcasing Redken City Beats East Village Violet

Pastel hair colour is just that! It is taking those bright and bold Rainbow Hair colours, and turning down the intensity to create dreamy and creamy hues! Using a pastel colour palette creates a more soft, pretty and casual look that can be worn every day with any outfit!

Pastel Pink Hair by Orlando and Yonny at Live True London hair salon Clapham

Get magical with Unicorn Hair that can also be called Mermaid Hair! Using one colour as the main focal point while adding a few other pops of colour produces a playful and striking oceanic effect.

Mermaid Hair by Mike and Paco at Live True London hair salon Vauxhall

There is no better feeling than leaving the salon with newly applied colour. Your colour looks vibrant and your hair feels silky smooth! So how do you keep it looking and feeling salon fresh for longer? Read our top tips for taking care of coloured hair, using the Redken All Soft range to maintain luxurious locks and the wonders of an Olaplex Hair Treatment to help create stronger, healthier, shinier hair while allowing your colour to last longer.
In need of a colour refresh? Want to try a new bold colour, like Rainbow Hair / Mermaid Hair/ Unicorn Hair, to change up your look? Book an appointment at your nearest Live True London hair salon.

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