Tame Your Curls
Taming frizzy, unruly curls can seem like a long and tedious chore, but it doesn’t have to be. At Live True London we LOVE our curly haired guests and educating them in how to style those curly locks. Following these few simple techniques will assure the perfect defined curl….
curly hair at home during lockdown

Hair at the Live True London Vauxhall and Nine Elms Salon

1. Always section the hair and twist your hair in individual sections, alternating the way you twist. This ensure all areas of the hair have sufficient enough product to hold the shape and tame frizz.
2. To tame your curls, a helpful tips is to not play around with curls too much. Once styled, clip the root areas up through the top section of your hair to add extra volume and remove when the hair dries.

curly hair need moisture at clapham

Hair at the Live True London Clapham Salon

3. Resist using excessive amounts of hairspray to hold the curls. Hairsprays contain high levels of alcohol which remove moisture from the hair. Curls rely on moisture to remove frizziness. Mixing curl creams with serums are a great combo for ensuring enough hold that will not dry your hair out.
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